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Standards-Based Grading and Report Cards (K-5)

KCS uses PowerTeacher Pro to produce standards-based report cards to communicate about student learning to students. Standards-based grading provides an accurate, consistent and effective process for reporting levels of student mastery according to state standards.

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KCS (K-5) has implemented Standards Based Grading to reflect the standards students are expected to learn. Research demonstrates that traditional approaches to grading are inconsistent and often incorporate factors other than attainment of knowledge and skills. Our goal is to create a common grading system that is aligned to the North Carolina Standard Course of Study and is based on students’ level of mastery rather than percentages or traditional letter grades.

Learn More About Standard Grading and Report Cards:

Standards-Based Report Card Resource Folder:  See directions for using PowerTeacher Pro as a standards-based grade book, printing instructions, reporting standards, Spanish versions of the report card, progress reports, and other support. 
KCS K-5 Reporting Standards: See which standards are reported on each quarter.


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NCEd Cloud-Logging InNCEd Cloud is a storehouse, single sign-in program where you will access many state and local apps and programs.TutorialCanvas, Discovery Education, iReady, School Net, NCWiseOwl, Edgenuity (6-12), PowerTeacher ProProfessional
Printing Instructions for Standards-Based Report CardsInstructions on how to print K-5 standards-based report cards from PowerSchoolTutorialPowerTeacher ProProfessional