KCS Toolkit

Digital resources for education are classified into the following categories (Digital learning materials: classification and implications for the curriculum. Berg, Blijleven, Janson):

  • Electronic Performance Support System: Online resources to help teachers learn things that will help them with any part of doing their jobs.
  • Communication and Collaboration Environments: Online systems that coordinate communication and resource sharing between a group.
  • Online drill-and-practice for Students: Build on existing knowledge and give the student the opportunity to practice.
  • Tutorials for self-directed student learning: Support students acquiring skills
  • Multimedia to use to support instruction: Videos, text, etc. to use as part of a lesson.
  • Simulations: Programs that can illustrate a process.
  • Educational games: games with a learning purpose.
  • Databases and information: topic related collections of information that can be used in lessons.
  • Online or digital tools for creating or arranging content: PowerPoint, Word, Excel, etc.
  • Lesson Plan resources: Libraries of lesson plans and resources to support them.

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