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Discovery Education

Bring the real world into your classroom with standards-aligned, digital curriculum resources to enhance classroom instruction and ignite student curiosity.

KCS provides Streaming Plus for all its schools. With Streaming Plus, educators can take learning beyond what’s expected by bringing a variety of curated content into their classroom to differentiate instruction and engage students. In addition to the video that DE is known for, there are also photos, audio files, interactives, lesson plans and much more.

Spotlight on Strategies – Creative, research-based instructional strategies for integrating digital media in meaningful, effective, and practical ways. This is organized by skills such as summarizing, compare and contrast, etc.

Studio – Creation is a powerful way for students to deepen their understanding of concepts, while presenting what they have learned. Studio projects allow students to integrate DE content with their knowledge in a format that is adaptable to any platform. One project can include multiple pages. That might include one per student or one page per topic within a unit.

Learn More About Discovery Education:

10-Step Guide: Discovery Education Streaming: A great place to start to look at navigation, how to find resources, etc.

Step by Step: Getting Started: In addition to the 10-Step Guide above, this page includes downloading audio and video, using interactive, content collections, etc.
SOS – Spotlight on Strategies: Find the still you are working on and choose from numerous strategies that focus on that skill.

DE Professional Learning: An exhaustive site with everything you wanted to know about DE.

Interactive Courses: 1 hours courses that can be used for CEU’s.


Name:IconBrief DescriptionType:EssentialsGrade:
Top 10 Strategies for Differentiation with Discovery EdDifferentiation of content, delivery, and / or demonstration of learningInstructional StrategyDiscovery EducationK-2, 3-5, 6-8, 9-12
NCEd Cloud-Logging InNCEd Cloud is a storehouse, single sign-in program where you will access many state and local apps and programs.TutorialCanvas, Discovery Education, iReady, School Net, NCWiseOwl, Edgenuity (6-12), PowerTeacher ProProfessional