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KCS Instructional Framework

The KCS Instructional Framework describes the district’s instructional expectations, recommendations, and resources for KCS Staff.

This document states our district beliefs and how those beliefs are illustrated through the various elements of teaching and learning and KCS. This document is essential for new KCS staff and serves as a helpful reference for experienced staff. You will find an explanation of our Understanding by Design curriculum framework, core instructional practices, our Character and Career Readiness skills, grading and assessment practices, and descriptions of our most relevant instructional resources. KCS curriculum documents are found on the KCS Teacher Tools website.

Learn More About KCS Instructional Framework:

KCS Instructional Framework: The district’s instructional expectations, recommendations and resources.

KCS Curriculum Guides: Find the elementary, middle, and high school curriculum and unit guides here.

Introduction to UbD Online Course: A self-paced online module that gives an overview of the Understanding by Design curriculum that KCS uses to organize the curriculum.


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Learning Plan TemplateA series of important questions to ask when designing a learning plan.Planning ToolKCS Instructional FrameworkProfessional