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Ellevation provides classroom teachers with data on English Learner students as well as effective instructional strategies to meet the needs of English Language Learners.

Ellevation provides teachers with the tools they need to build capacity for language instruction. It provides data on students’ language proficiency, levels and history, and directs teachers to classroom activities that they can incorporate into lessons, ensuring best-practice instruction for ELLs and benefitting all students.

For the ELL staff, Ellevation lightens the burden by unifying disparate ELL data sources, capturing key ELL decisions, monitoring pre- and post-exit progress, and sharing information with stakeholders.

Learn More About Ellevation:

How to Login in to Ellevation in KCS: These directions give you the district code to register your account in Ellevation.

ELL Specialists: If you are an EL teacher, go here to learn about the benefits of this resource for you.

Teachers: This page highlights benefits of using Ellevation for classroom teachers.


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