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Educator’s Handbook

Kannapolis City Schools uses Educator’s Handbook to document student behavior, both major and minor, as well as associated parental contacts and administrative decisions.

KCS uses this resource because it allows monitoring of student behavior across the system and on a continuum from kindergarten to twelfth grade. Administrators can see a student’s complete incident history and the complete history of student documentation, classroom strategies implemented to try and change a behavior, and documented parental contact. The district can also analyze data at the systemwide level to identify trends.

At the classroom level, it simplifies the documentation and reporting process as well as gives the classroom teacher an overview of student behavior. Classroom teachers will receive an invitation email to access their account.

Learn More About Educator’s Handbooks:

How to compose an incident: Educator’s Handbook can be used to document major incidents that result in an office referral. Teachers can also document more minor incidents as “classroom documentation”. Use this option to document steps or interventions implemented to change the behavior as well as record teacher assigned consequences and/or parental contact. For a step-by-step guide click here.

How to assign a consequence: At the administrative level consequences will be assigned to submitted referrals. Teachers can see assigned consequences.

This is a link to the full resource center provided by Educator’s Handbook. This provides information and how-to videos from the district level down to the classroom teacher.


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